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$175 First Month
Gables Location
Free Blood work when you sign up



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50% OFF
Myers Cocktail,
Cold and Flu Fighter

BOGO at 50% OFF
Semaglutide, GAC, Lipo B, Lipo C, B12

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$150 First Month
Kendall Location
Free Blood work when you sign up

Hormone balance

Weight management



SPORTS therapy


Experiencing low energy levels, unexplainable weight gain, or low sex drive?

Looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight quickly and maintain it?

Feeling tired or getting sick often because you lack nutrients?

Tired of treating your symptoms without knowing the root cause?

Are pain and injuries holding you back from peak performance?

Want to make sure you're in the best hands? Meet our team.

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20% off IV Therapy

Micronutrient test + 4 IV's

Free B-12 Energy shot

Post Labor Day rejuvenation and hydration

When you book an appointment in september

Must Purchase IV before September 12th.

Uncover your body's hidden needs.

*Appointment must include an initial purchase

was: $1,160   now: $899

was: $20   now: FREE with appointment

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