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At Body RX we offer advanced diagnostic testing services that go beyond the traditional blood test provided at general health checkups with primary care doctors. It is our mission to help provide you with the most accurate analysis of your entire health, and our tests can help you find everything from hormonal and micronutrient deficiencies, to gastrointestinal health issues and harmful heavy metals in your system.

Get to know your body in a functional way!

Here at Body RX, we focus on optimizing your health based on scientific data from our advanced medical tests. Skip the guessing game and discover how to improve your health with accurate medical testing.

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Our Complete Hormonal Blood Panel is one of the best ways to detect the root cause of chronic issues related to a hormonal imbalance.

Complete Hormonal Panel

The Low-T Test is a great way to learn if your body is not producing the optimal amount of testosterone, a vital hormone for critical bodily functions. Both men and women can benefit from this test.

Low-T Test

Our Micronutrient Test is one of the most comprehensive tests available, analyzing the levels of 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites.

Micronutrient Test

We offer comprehensive medical testing to help you have optimal digestive and gastrointestinal health. Our testing includes stool testing, breath testing (SIBO breath test), food sensitivity, food allergy, and Celiac / Gluten Sensitivity testing.

Gut Health Test

Who can benefit from these tests?

Men and women seeking to gain an additional level of detail into their health can benefit from our Advanced Health Diagnostic Testing. Kids and teens can also benefit from testing.

Gut health test

food sensitivity test

heavy metals test

micronutrient TESTING

 Are digestive issues, bloating, or discomfort disrupting your daily life?

Struggling with persistent fatigue, mood swings, or weight management?

Have you been suffering from health problems like fatigue, brain fog, or headaches?

Are you battling fatigue, brain fog, or mood swings despite a healthy lifestyle?

Diagnostic tests offered at body rx

Start feeling and looking better within weeks. Experience major health improvements in every aspect of your life.

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Our Medical Experts will customize your Health Plan based on your blood work to boost energy levels, balance your hormones, and reach your health goals.

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I did lots of research on hormonal therapy before getting in contact with Body Rx they popped out in all as top in Miami. I made the appointment and since day one the staff have been so helpful and sweet. My appointment date finally came and it went so smooth, fast easy process and great prices. You can even use insurance for the labs. Very nice and clean office. I'll update my overall results soon. I can't wait to start my weight loss and hormonal treatments.


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