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2 Reasons why Body RX is Different from a Traditional Medical Clinic


Dr. George Herrera, M.D.

June 11, 2021

As a prospective Body RX patient, you may be wondering if Body RX is a good fit for you, or maybe wondering what Body RX does. As men and women pass 30 years of age, many can experience the signs of aging.  These signs may affect you in the form of chronic symptoms like fatigue, obesity, low-libido, or brain fog. Body RX helps people get to the root of the symptom with advanced health testing, and treat many of those underlying conditions with hormone optimization or other advanced medical treatments.

The Traditional Medical Experience for Patients

Patients are used to primary care doctor routine of basic blood test, band-aid solutions, and prescriptions to cover the symptoms. Add to that the 3-6 month waiting period for some doctors offices to give you an appointment, with the hour-long wait to be seen, and the glaring problem of a lack of quality personalized medical care is painstakingly obvious.

Traditional primary care doctors offices often don’t focus on the underlying issue. They seek to keep you in a stable condition meaning as long as you’re not dying, you’re fine. But this doesn’t mean you’re at optimal health levels systemically throughout your organs, endocrine system, and the rest of your body.

Reason 1 – Personalized Health Care

While personalized health care is now becoming the standard for many of the top healthcare companies and providers in most of the United States, Body RX pioneered the concept in South Florida, being one of the first in Miami to focus on hormone -level testing, personalized treatments, health monitoring, and high quality service for every patient.

Why is personalized health care so important?

Because now more than ever, science has identified the differences within our bodies, but at the same time, the similarities we share within our cells. Personalized health care adds better follow-up to the patient.

Reason 2 – Holistic Approach

Since its founding, Body RX has used a holistic approach to medical care. We believe it’s possible for individuals to get high quality and advanced medical care, while still living an overall better quality of life.

A holistic medical approach is defined as the following:

“characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease”

This means at Body RX, we take into account your entire medical history, your current and past habits, any medical or mental conditions, and your personalized health test results. We use all of that to deliver world-class medical and wellness optimization in Miami.

History of Body RX

bodyrx staff poses for a picture 2015

Body RX staff posing for picture in 2015

Body RX was founded by Steven Sevilla, and since it’s inception has received medical direction from Dr. George Herrera, M.D. , a former OB/GYN that for almost two decades has specialized in hormone optimization and wellness for men and women. The driving force behind establishing Body RX was the critical need in the community for a medical facility that provided personalized treatment and high quality service usually only available with private doctors for the wealthy.

Body RX  has now become one of the premier health optimization clinics in Miami and has helped tens of thousands of patients regain their health and not only restore their health but also gain valuable knoweldge on healthier habits and lifestyles.

We are helping people push the envelope of their health goals, and our mission is to help people live healthier, longer lives.


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